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This is a Spanish recipe that uses bread to cook up a new dish. “Migas” means “crumbs”.
According to tradition, this is a recipe for rainy days: dried bread was exposed to the rain to damp it.

1. Cut the bread in small cubes; put them in cool water and soak briefly; drain and squeeze them so that they’re soft but not mushy.
2. In a skillet, warm up some olive oil with garlic (you can remove it when cooked if you prefer); add pork belly (diced), peppers, (each family has its own version, you can decide to add more vegetables here); add the bread cubes and start stirring. The main secret of this simple recipe is to keep on stirring so that the bread mixes up with all other ingredients and becomes crispy without burning; this will take approximately 30 minutes.
3. You can add on top sausages, chorizo, or serve it with anchovies or a fried egg on top.
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This is an environmentally responsible recipe as it uses only local, simple ingredients and promotes the re-use of leftovers, avoiding waste of food.
Fresh, season’s and local vegetables add a relevant intake in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial elements.
Olive oil is an important anti-oxidant and helps protecting the cardiocirculatory system.
Representative Products
Bread, vegetables.
As most traditional recipes, this is a hearty dish which should be consumed with moderation.
Further references
In the USA and other English speaking Countries, “Migas” refer mostly to a Tex-Mex recipe from central America, based on corn tortillas. The Spanish original version is to be found as “Spanish Migas” or “Breadcrumb Migas”.

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