The University of Malaga leads a project for responsible food education

Diario Sur, both in its paper edition and in the digital edition for Andalusia, has published an extensive article echoing the Fair Food project, where they highlight how in addition to the research and teaching work, different ideas and a more international focus are born from the hand of the teachers, being 'Fair Food for a Smart Life' an initiati...

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FairFood innovates with original soundtrack

Involving students in the FairFood project was one of the major priorities of the University of Aveiro. Anthony Steven is a young musician currently attending a professional degree in Tourism at ISCA-UA and he was invited to compose an original soundtrack that would not only serve as background for all class projects related to FairFood, but also, a...

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Culture, food and education: hand in hand with Erasmus?

Today I come to talk to you about education and food. I come to talk to you about European gastronomic culture and how each one is part of a common whole. Why does this interest us? To begin with, because the nutritional education inspired by the Mediterranean Diet that was left to us by inheritance, is closely linked to the history and the geograph...

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InfoUMA News: The time children spend in front of the screen influences their eating habits

The time spent by Spanish children on leisure media with screens - computers, mobile phones, television and video games - has a negative influence on their eating habits. This is the main conclusion that emerges from a research developed by the EpiPHAAN group (Epidemiology, Physical Activity, Accelerometry and Nutrition) of the UMA and the Biomedica...

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Fairfood Website opening in English

The Consortium is proud to announce that the official website of the FAIRFOOD project is now available and open to the public in the link Here you will find all the project information, implementation, its objectives and background, as well as a specific section describing the partners involved. This website will serve as an ...

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Consortium joined the online Kick-off Meeting of FAIRFOOD

Consortium took part in the Kick-off Meeting of FAIRFOOD - Fair Food for a Smart Life, a new Erasmus Plus project under the KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for VET. The purpose of FairFood project is to contribute to the improvement of health through a nutritional education inspired by the ...

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