FairFood project innovates with original soundtrack


Involving students in the FairFood project was one of the major priorities of the University of Aveiro. Anthony Steven is a young musician currently attending a professional degree in Tourism at ISCA-UA and he was invited to compose an original soundtrack that would not only serve as background for all class projects related to FairFood, but also, and above all, make the project recognizable anywhere, as part of our brand identity. The result was a versatile soundtrack, loyal to Anthony’s style and preferences, and a perfect fit for the project. Our sincere appreciation for his generous gift!
Here is his testimonial:

"Before explaining my creative process for making this song, I want to thank my teacher, Claudia Amaral, for offering me this opportunity.

Creating this song was quite challenging. I never had to compose a theme associated with a website or brand. My area of musical expertise is Classical Music, so I've been a classical guitar player since 2010, and I mostly have Progressive or Symphonic Rock style compositions.
The creation of this song required previous research, as this type of solicited music is outside my area of expertise.

With the help of my cousin, Marco Heleno, who is a notorious guitar builder and restorer, I tried to understand which musical techniques are used in music aimed at Marketing and then started to develop a melody. The combination of my cousin's melodic ideas and my orchestration skills resulted in what I believe is a cheerful song that represents the site well.

The inspiration for this song came from the layout that the site presents. The website design conveys a pleasant and friendly emotion, inspiring us to compose happier and more beautiful melodies. When we developed this composition, we also paid much attention to its musical structure, as we acknowledge that this composition could be molded. With that in mind, the song has a structure that facilitates its modulation to be applied in various contexts.

I'm happy to have participated in this project. I tried to create something that represented the site in the best way, and with the bit of time I had, I think this song is a good representation of what the site can offer.

Anthony Steven"