Fairfood talks: the event that will gather specialists, influencers and chefs together around the mediterranean table


The FairFood Talks, to be held on June 9 between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm at the Rectory of the University of Aveiro, will gather experts, influencers and renowned Chefs around the table to discuss the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, its preservation and dissemination. The event, with free admission, will also promote the Saberes e Sabores Fair, dedicated to the presentation of food-related entities and tasting of representative products of the Mediterranean Diet, UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity.

As stated by FAO, “malnutrition in all its forms is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century”, recalling that a balanced diet is essential for health and well-being. One good example are the feeding habits and practices associated with the Mediterranean Diet, many of which have fallen into oblivion, and that need to be recovered and preserved. Food and dietary habits will be the main topic of discussion among the speakers who will join the Fair Food for a Smart Life event, an international Erasmus+ project that aims to contribute to the nutritional education of the population in general, especially the youngest. In a single day, different perspectives on the Mediterranean Diet will be shared, stimulating a reflection on how the incorporation of its principles into our diet and lifestyle can be a source of health, balance and sustainability.

Check-In Period – 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Conference on the Mediterranean Diet - 09:30 – 18:30, Atos Room, Rectory of the University of Aveiro

The lifestyle and best practices that constitute the Mediterranean Diet will be the topic of discussion around which nutritionists, associations, educational entities, influencers and Chefs will gather. Helena Real, from the Portuguese Nutrition Association, Rui Marques, author of “A Pitada do Pai”, Marta Brazão, from Circular Economy Portugal, and Chefs, such as Ricardo Costa, will feature among the speakers of the event. As part of the panels, participants will debate the state of the art of the Mediterranean Diet, focusing on the thematic areas of Education and Nutrition, Proximity, Circularity and Sustainability, Communicating Food in the Digital Age, and Tradition and Modernity in Gastronomy.

Saberes e Sabores Fair – 15h30 – 17h30, Main hall, Rectory of the University of Aveiro

In addition to the discussion panels, the event will promote a food-related exhibition, including the tasting of representative products of the Mediterranean Diet. In this Saberes e Sabores fair, open to the public with free admission, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, sharing knowledge and curiosities with professional schools, confraternities, producers, agricultural agents, as well as publishing houses and authors of books on food and nutrition, in a common pursuit of preservation and dissemination of this way of life.

Musical performance – 18h30, Female polyphonic singers, Canto a Vozes