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Rice, seafood, vegetables, traditional, olive oil





Tiella pugliese
1. Open the mussels (raw, by separating the two shells, or cooking them very briefly with no oil nor water so that the shells open), keeping one shell attached to the mussel; keep the liquid -in either method-.
2. In a deep (terracotta) pan, oiled, make layers alternating the ingredients as follows: fresh onion rings (most version only have one layer of onions); potatoes, peeled, cut in thin slices; tomatoes, in thin slices; mussels, with the shell down; rice (raw) to cover the entire layer. Start again with potatoes, tomatoes. In between you can season each layer with salt, (pepper), chopped parsley and garlic.
3. Pour the mussels liquid, filtered, just until below the last layer (if you need, add some water): it shouldn’t damp the topping that you still need to add.
4. Crumble topping: cover the surface with breadcrumbs mixed with parsley, (garlic) and grated pecorino (or parmigiano) cheese. Sprinkle with olive oil and cook in the oven for about one hour (200°) until the crumble is crispy.
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Using fresh local ingredients, the recipe is 0 Km with low impact on the environment.
The dish is balanced on the macronutrient side, with fresh vegetables and seafood providing vitamins and other precious elements (phosphorus, potassium, sodium).
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Seafood, rice, fresh vegetables, olive oil
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