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Rumtopf: a one-year recipe

- Fresh fruit; washed, peeled, seeded, cut in pieces as necessary (small fruits are left whole)
- Half its weight of sugar
- Rum (55°, in some Countries 40° only is sold)

1. Prepare the fruit and weight it.
2. Mix it with half the weight (some use 40%) of sugar, leave it to macerate for one hour. Pears are to be cut in quarters and washed in a mix of sugar and warm water.
3. Add the fruit in the vase, cover well with rum (at least 1 cm. over fruit).
4. Seal the vase with plastic wrap, cover with lid, store it in a cool and dark place.

Fruit calendar (to be adapted to the region/country and to personal taste):
- April: strawberries (whole or cut in two)
- May: cherries (pitted)
- June: apricots, peaches (peeled)
- July: plums (pitted)
- August: red fruits (choose very hard ones)
- September: grapes (in halves, pitted)
- October: pears (see above)
- November: according to German tradition, pineapple (this is not a typical fruit, but the tradition calls for it).

NOTE: it is better to avoid the following fruits:
- Apples and bananas (texture becomes strange)
- Melon and watermelon (too watery)
- Rhubarb, lemon (sour)
- Black or Blue berries (will turn everything purple)
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Based mainly on local fruits, the recipe is 0 Km.

This is a very traditional recipe. According to the legend, it started when Rum was imported to Europe in the XVIII century, through the German harbour of Flensburg, the seat of the West Indies fleet, where it started its journey throughout the continent. Importers of Rum from the Caribbean tried to import tropical fruits, too, and found this way (preserving in Rum), probably accidentally when some pieces of fruit fell into Rum barrels.
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Fresh seasonal fruits.
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