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Pork, clams, coriander, potatoes, olive oil, wine, herbs.





Pork Alentejana
This typical recipe from Alentejo, in South Portugal, combines meat and clams in a wine sauce seasoned with herbs.

1. Cut the meat (pork loin or shoulder) in cubes and marinate it in a bowl with white wine, garlic cloves, bay leaves, salt and pepper, for 6 hours.
2. Drain the meat; braise it in olive oil, until coloured. Transfer in a bowl and reserve.
3. Discard the bay leaves and garlic from the marinade, add it in the pan, stir well to mix all scraps; boil it briskly and reduce to syrupy; pour over meat.
4. In a pan, put olive oil and onion and cook gently until soft; add garlic clove and tomatoes peeled and diced; let it simmer; add the clams and let them open on gentle heat; when they are open, add the meat with its sauce, heat thoroughly for 5 minutes.
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A recipe from peasant cuisine of South Portugal, reviving traditional culture.
High in protein, with the added intake of vitamins from the fresh vegetables.
Extravirgin olive oil is an important anti-oxidant and helps protecting the cardio-circular system.
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Pork meat, clams, tomatoes, wine, olive oil.
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