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Module 4, Unit 2, Level: Advanced

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Low temperature cooking: dry cooking and steaming
Low temperature cooking: liquid cooking and sous vide

Low temperature cooking, roner, sous vide, vacuum cooking, meat, fish, vegetables, eggs



Low temperature cooking
Low-temperature cooking is a culinary technique that is very fashionable and widely used by today's top chefs. It involves cooking food at temperatures between 50 and 100°.
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The main advantage of low temperature cooking is that it is a very healthy technique, especially if we apply it dry, steaming or vacuum cooking, as the food is cooked evenly on all sides and to its perfect doneness. Being cooked in its own juices, the food retains all its nutrients and is so soft that it melts. In this way, the textures and flavours of the food are enhanced, so we can enjoy delicious, soft and very juicy dishes.
Representative Products
Meat, fish, vegetables, eggs.
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