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Legumes, fish, eggs, cured cheese, frequent consumption



Legumes, fish, eggs and cured cheese
According to the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, products such as legumes, fish and eggs should be consumed at least 3-4 servings on a weekly basis.

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Legumes are a good source of fiber reducing the risk of suffering heart diseases, they also improve digestive processes and provide satiety. They are relatively affordable products and present an endless culinary applications Combining with other products as cereals turn into a very interesting and nutritive product.
Furthermore, legumes are gluten free, making them suitable for consumption by celiac disease patients or individuals sensitive to proteins gliadin and glutenin.
Cured cheese is included in dairy products which are important for the proteins and vitamins they contain and for the calcium reserves needed by the body.
For people with lactose intolerance, we recommend lactose-free dairy products or products from other seeds such as soya beans enriched with calcium.
Eggs are free carbohydrate products. They contain a considerable proportion of a high value biological protein and they are also rich in fat as well as good amounts of calcium, iron, vitamins A and D, as well as thiamine and riboflavin.
Despite having a high content of cholesterol in the yolk, according to recent findings, most of this fat is unsaturated, and it is considered a good nutritional option, since dietary cholesterol hardly affects plasma cholesterol levels in the blood in healthy individuals.
Representative Products
Legumes (peas, chickpeas, puy lentils, brown lentils, black beluga lentils, red lentils, kidney beans).
Cured cheese can be obtained from sheeps or cows. The Payoya goat is an autochthonous Andalusian breed, capable of offering excellent milk production, the basis of an important cheese-making tradition.

Gouda or Manchego, parmigiano or grana padano are representative types of cured cheeses.
Mediterranean hens are characterized by a medium seize and a light weight. The best breed for egg production is “Leghorn Blanca”. Armiñada, Azul, Blanca, Caniza, Franciscana, Negra and Perdiz are also autochthonous breeds.
An egg is an ideal medium for microbial growth; for example, salmonella. It is therefore preferable to open eggs just at the time of use. In addition, the natural bactericide contained in the egg white (lysozyme) becomes ineffective in contact with air and no longer protects the egg.
Dairy products, as cured cheese, contain lactose which can affect to lactose intolerant people, and some cured cheeses are high fat.
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