Papo à Mesa live session: The Mediterranean diet - much more than what we eat

FairFood and Verakis broadcast the first debate dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet as part of Papo à Mesa sessions


The Mediterranean Diet - much more than what we eat. This was the topic of the first session of Papo à Mesa dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet, sponsored by the Brazilian/French consulting firm Verakis, in partnership with the Fair Food for a Smart Life project.

Electing the Algarve as the most representative region of this food pattern in Portugal, the session had as guests Fátima Catarina, Vice-President of Região de Turismo do Algarve, Artur Gregório, President Associação In Loco, Maria Luísa Francisco, researcher and CEO of Genuine Algarve, and the Chef Abílio Guerreiro, lecturer at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve and researcher in the area of the Mediterranean Diet.

The session can be followed here: