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Traditional and local food
Traditional food is also known as slow food and real food: it is food prepared according to traditional recipes using typical local and seasonal products, which preserves the local gastronomy as a cultural expression and as a distinct and essential value of identify of each place or region.

Slow food and real food are social movements that have emerged in the last decade for encouraging and educating people in healthier and more sustainable ways of eating. They advocate for wholesome, local, seasonal food, consumed slowly, frugally and with minimal processing.

These movements try to reposition the act of eating as an occasion in life that deserves attention, care and to which adequate importance must be given.
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The consumption of local products activates the local economy, preserves the life in rural areas and contributes to fix population to territories, existing several examples of rural development all along Europe thanks to the recuperation of traditional farming and livestock.

In addition, the cultivation of these products is carried out in a sustainable way, through traditional methods that help to conserve the ecosystem, so important today, managing to preserve our traditional products in the face of the arrival of external varieties that try to replace them.

Traditional gastronomy based on typical products is also an attraction for visitors and a mean for the development of a high-quality tourism, who want to try unique varieties and immerse themselves in the cultural tradition of the destination they are visiting.
Representative Products
Local products from each country , most of them protected under geographical indication (PGI) and protected designation of origin (PDO)
Loss of indigenous products that are replaced by external variants or artificially produced
Ortorexi, pathological obsession with proper nutrition characterized by a restrictive and rigid diet.
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