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Legumes, broth, pasta, rice, meat, seafood





Legume soups
Some traditional combinations:
- Pasta e ceci (Chickpeas and pasta soup, Italy): Chickpeas, garlic, rosemary, pasta.
- Potajes (legumes and vegetables, Spain); a richer and heavier version is Puchero, where animal fat and meat are added
- Feijoada de mariscos (beans and seafood soup, Portugal)
- Ertwensoep (dried peas, meat, Belgium and the Netherlands)
- Cassoulet (white beans, pork meat and sausages, France)
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Legumes are a very good source of vegetable proteins; when combined with cereals (rice, pasta, etc) the value of proteins is similar to that of animal proteins.
They are high in minerals, especially potassium, iron and phosphorus.
A dish based on legumes can be considered a complete meal, thanks to its nutritional values.
Choosing local products is an environmentally friendly option.
Representative Products
All legumes, fresh or dried.
The main risk concerning dried legumes refers to conservation: it is important to keep them in a dry and cool place, and follow the indications of the labels.
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