IES La Rosaleda

La Rosaleda was created in 1947. It began as the only vocational training secondary school in
Malaga, so anyone who wanted to learn a trade could come only to our High School.
Nowadays, La Rosaleda offers a comprehensive range of qualifications.

• For students who have not finished Secondary School:
◦ 2 Specific programmes on BasicVETs (Special Education Needs).
◦ 3 BasicVETs.
◦ A Specific 600 hours Course to access VET.

• For students who have finished Secondary School:
◦ 16 Intermediate level Vocational Education and Training courses (VET cycles).
◦ 2 Baccalaureates(A levels): Scientific, Social Science and Humanities and Music.

• For students who have finished Baccalaureate:
◦ 10 Higher Level Vocational Education and Training courses (VET cycles).

• For adults:
◦ Secondary Education for Adults
◦ Baccalaureates for Adults (A levels)

La Rosaleda welcomes over 2,500 students in two shifts and more than 200 expert teachers work with these students so they can get the knowledge and necessary skills to face the existing labour market.

Our school has been taking part in Erasmus+ projects for more than ten years now. Every academic year, we send an average of fifteen students to quality companies for their three months internships. Our staff also takes part in mobilities visiting schools and public institutions all over Europe. One of our biggest aims is to offer equal opportunities for everybody, taking into account that our school is located in a worse-off neighbourhood in Malaga city.

As a result of the internationalization effort, we welcome students and teachers from many countries. They have the opportunity to visit our workshops, take part in lessons with our students, visit Spanish companies where our students take their working-placements, cultural visits to places of interest in Malaga. All of this makes the learning and teaching processes much more valuable and enticing specially in our gastronomy and hospitality departments. In many occasions, foreign students and teachers have taken part in workshops together exchanging good practices live, producing Spanish and international dishes, exchanging information, working techniques and teaching as well as learning strategies. In others projects, quite a lot of workshops are put up involving staff and students working together, improving all types of skills.

We are also envolved in eTwinning, actually we are eTwinning School 2021-22.