AEVA — Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro

AEVA (Association for the Education and Valorisation of Aveiro Region) ( was founded in 1998 as a non-proflt organisation to meet the needs of local businesses in tackling skills mismatch by bringing education and the working world closer together.

Currently, the association employs 159 qualifled professionals and operates within different brands:

• CITIZENS PROJECTS — the international department of AEVA, has already implemented more than 100 transnational projects under different EU programmes, promoting lhe development of innovation, students/staff mobility and active citizenship;
• QUALIFICATION CENTRE — it is a structure of the Portuguese Qualifications System targeting around 1000 adults (21+) per year, and aims to recognise, validate and certify their skills. lt also provides guidance lo NEETs and promotes a local network for boosting employability;
• CEO —unit for the inclusion of youngsters and adults with special needs, offering personal, educational and professional guidance and tailored solutions;
• SERVIR — a volunteer unit, currently with 21 volunteers, offering local qualified intervention and which through lhe European Volunteering Service promotes international opportunities of mobility;
• VOUGA FABLAB — local incubator for business development and provision of vocational training with a strong technological component and RD&I. Currently it provides innovative services in the areas of rural and environmentai tourism, gastronomy, heath, well-being and rehabilitation;
• CATEC — a technological camp and RD&l structure to support companies, employment, entrepreneurship and continuous education;
• QER — a qualification structure on events and catering, offering pedagogical kitchens, bar and restaurant labs, aiming at boosting social enterprising approaches;
• CANAL CENTRAL — regional 1V channel which produces and disseminates local programmes with focus on information, education, culture and society;
• TALENTS PARK — multi-functional space to promote various events and support initiatives from local community and stakeholders;
• EPA — founded in 1992, the Vocational Schooi of Aveiro is the largest private VET school in Portugal with 70 permanent teachers.
AEVA-EPA ( has 3 units in Aveiro Regíon, located in urban and in industrial transition areas, and offers several IVET, CVET and TVET qualifications targeting per year around 400 new learners (14—21 years old), most of them with fewer opportunities, migrant background and dropout history. The learning path is based on learner centred approaches and principies of inclusive education.

In addition, Psychologicai and Career Guidance services are provided by 12 professionals to ali students, learners and educators.

We have about 700 students in apprenticeship courses, in EQF levei IV and levei li) and 120 adults in the process of recognition and validation of competences. About 100 students have Special Education Needs.

Most of the VET programmes offered by AEVA-EPA are based on the national dual system with a strong component of apprenticeship and work-based iearning aiming to meet the needs of the labour market and boost employability.

AEVA-EPA is certifled by iSO 9001 (Quaiity), SA 8000 (Social Responsibility) and EQAVET Compiiance Seal of the Quaiity Assurance System in Education and Professionai Training. In addition, is one of the Eco-School recognised by the European Blue FIag Association (ABAE), has aiso the Intercuitural School Seai distinguished by the Ministry of Education and Science Education and the High Commission for Migration, and received the Good Practices Seal of Health Psychoiogy and Educationai Success from the Portuguese Order of Psychologists. AEVA and AEVA EPA were distinguished with the lst place of the 2017 Award “Excelience at the workplace”, as result of a national study on organisational climate and human capital development.