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Tarte au sucre
For the pastry:
- white flour250 gr
- milk, lukewarm, 1 dl
- unsalted butter, molten, 50 gr
- sugar, 20 gr
- fresh yeast (12 g, or 6 gr if dry)
- egg, 1
- salt, one pinch

- sugar*, 250 gr
- fresh cream, 1 dl
- eggs, 2

1. Make the pastry: dissolve the yeast in the milk; mix well flour and sugar, add the milk and mix; add the salt, the egg and the molten butter.
2. Knead well on a floured surface, let to rest, covered, for 1 and ½ hour.
3. Roll the pastry out with a rolling pin, on a floured surface, until 3-4 mm thickness; line the bottom of a pie dish, well buttered.
4. Sprinkle the sugar on the uncooked pastry; beat the eggs with the cream and distribute the mixture on the sugar
5. Cook the pie in a pre-heated 180° oven for about 20-25 minutes

*Sugar: the traditional Belgian recipe uses “Cassonade”, a brown powder sugar obtained by a mix of fruit and vegetable syrups; this is difficult to find outside Belgium. You can use brown or white sugar instead.
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Traditional and simple dessert, 0 Km.
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Sugar and sweets are positioned in the highest section of the food pyramid, as their consumption should be limited to once a week.
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