Buonissimo is the vertical of Italiaonline S.p.A. dedicated to the world of food & cooking. Buonissimo was born in November 2000 and it has positioned itself among the main Italian sites in the sector. Buonissimo has a vast recipe book divided into courses, with classic recipes from the Italian tradition, in addition to international recipes and those of the latest trends in gastronomy.

Each recipe is accompanied by images to explain in a simple and effective way all the steps for making the dish. The main recipes also have a video version with very useful step-by-step explanations. However, Buonissimo is not just a recipe book: it is also a valid guide to learn about all the secrets of cooking and eating well.

The “Ingredients” section explains food properties and use, the “Suggestion” section collects many useful tips and how-to's for the realization of the dishes, “Mangiar Sano” suggests how to eat to feel good and feel fit, “Wine & drink” presents the main wines and recommends their most suitable combinations. All the material is produced in a simple and direct language because Buonissimo means good food within everyone's reach!

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