Fairfood project new call with partners


On the 16th of July, the consortium joined in an online meeting to tackle important issues on the implementation of the Project Fairfood.

During the meeting, the consortium analysed the Project state of implementation and UMA, the coordinator of the Project, presented a very well organised schedule of the next steps, deadlines and tasks to be done, as well as the results of some voting decisions carried out by the partners. These decisions will be relevant for the development of Fairfood training, in which the consortium is already working.

Fairfood Training will consist of 5 Modules composed of 10 Units each, and which will be structure into Basic and Advanced levels. The topic of the training will be target-oriented and will be based on traditional, healthy, and culturally relevant food and eating habits, and on the enhancement of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

To know more about how to live a “Smart Life”, stay tuned for more news as Fairfood training will be available soon!