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Oven functions
Food you can cook in the oven
Things not to be done when baking

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Baking or cooking in the oven is a more modern technique rather than an ancient one. That is why there are many people who feel more comfortable cooking in a traditional cooker (electric or gas). Although in many cases the oven is used to bake bread or cakes, a huge number of healthy recipes can be cooked if the right ingredients are chosen. The oven has a lot of possibilities for cooking.

First, it must be noted that the oven cooks food by applying heat and keeping it in a closed space. In this unit the different oven functions, the food variety that can be cooked in it, and finally, advice on what must not be done when cooking in the oven will be provided.


There are several types of ovens, gas, electric, or convection oven (the most demanded lately), which has a fan inside that shares out the heat, cooking food homogeneously and preventing it from being burnt. The first problem is usually that most people do not really know the oven functions and it ends up being a frying pan storage. Next, the different oven functions and programmes are going to be introduced. Depending on the oven, you could find the following:

• Top and bottom heat (conventional heating).
• Bottom heat.
• Grill.
• Grill with fan: the grill provides direct heat on the top and the fun distributes the heat to the food, cooking it homogeneously: perfect to cook big pieces of meat and fish.
• Heating with fan (convectional) to cook food homogeneously.
• Defrosting.
• Oven warming (to keep food warm).
• Light, to see the doneness of the food without opening the oven and losing the heat.


As it was said before, a wide range of dishes can be cooked:
• Roasted chicken: 230°.
• Bread: 230°.
• Roasted meat: 200°.
• Fish: 200°.
• Casseroles and stews: 150°.
• Vegetables: 200°.
• Pizza: 200-220°.
• Cakes and muffins: 180°.


• The first important thing to be known is that food must not be introduced into the oven until it is not hot. It must be preheated it in advance.
• Placing the food in the tray at the wrong height. If there is not a convection oven, food which takes longer to be cooked, like big pieces of meat, must be placed in the bottom part. However, we will place fish in the central height and vegetables on the highest height.
• The oven must not be opened because it will lose its temperature.
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Baking allows for a reduction in the amount of fat, as food cooks with the steam generated by the heat and on their own juice and therefore, it is not necessary to add any fat. In this way, digestions will be lighter.

This method keeps the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of food, so we will eat delicious, healthy and succulent dishes, since it allows the food to keep all its juices.

Steam ovens have the option of cooking at a lower temperature and in a shorter time, so you will save money in the electricity bill.

Those ovens with a timer will allow users to devote themselves to other things while lunch is cooking, so time will be saved.
Representative Products
Meat, fish, vegetables, cakes, bread.
Extra attention must be paid when using the oven because of burn hazards. Therefore, oven mittens should be used as a protection to take out the tray.
Also, appropriate recipients made of glass, stainless steel or clay should be used
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